providing permanent, stable solutions for legacy business

Our team


EICG’s management and advisory team have significant experience in the pension, life insurance and investment banking industries, having previously held highly technical and senior positions at various industry leading institutions.

Our approach

EICG's insurance and reinsurance solutions are tailored around our core belief in carefully managing and respecting the requirements of all key stakeholders. As such delivering value and service to our policyholders in a stable and sustainable way is central to our strategy.

Track record


Over the past 10 years the team has been involved in overseeing life acquisitions across the UK, continental Europe and the US and has led and executed large scale asset liability optimisation projects for leading European insurance groups.



EICG is an insurance consolidation specialist founded in 2017, whose team members have a long and successful track record in insurance consolidation and asset liability management, having previously held highly technical and senior positions at various institutions, including Goldman Sachs, The Resolution Group and Rothesay Life.

EICG’s objective is to grow to scale through the acquisition and reinsurance of capital-intensive legacy life insurance business across Europe.


The group’s strategy is centered around its core belief in prudent management of insurance risks, fair treatment of policyholders and delivering value to shareholders from enhanced asset liability management and operational efficiency.


Guernsey offices:

Anson Court,

La Route des Camps, 

St Martin, GY4 6AD


Tel:   +44 1481 231 850

London offices:

Byron House,

7-9 St James's Street, 

London SW1A 1EE

Tel:   +44 2039 654 100